An actual email I just received:

hey, I share the same name as you. I have come across several of your sick and twisted artwork like the ninja turtle artwork. it has gotten to the point that because I have the same name as you that people that know me locally in my town are now associating me with that sick and twisted artwork u have because we have the same name and it has been affecting my rep. which is defamation of my character. it is a serious crime. so before I persue legal action I am trying to resolve this issue with u first as a man asking u nicely to please either take down all sick and twisted gay artwork stating our name, OR change all content to a fake name like a web domain name so this way my name will not come up on the web associating me to ur sick artwork. what ur into is ur business but when it affects my rep and we live in separate countries I have a right to contact u to persue action. so please im asking you first take down ALL content with our name stated. OR change all your listings still showing your work BUT publishing your work using a fake name or web domain name please so were both happy-my name wont be tarnished and u can still sell ur work. thanks